Well, I am ashamed…

Donald Boströms’s ”article” on an alleged Jewish/Israeli state-sponsored conspiracy to steal organs from murdered Palestinians, is one of the most tasteless examples of pretend-journalism that I have ever read.

To any educated observer, there is really no difference between Boström’s ”article” and the conspiracy theories that were disseminated during the era that produced the concentration camps. Behind a thin veil of pro-palestinian sentiment, there is a crude and obvious anti-Israeli and anti-semitic agenda. Most Swedes are not able to see it because of their sheltered life and the prevalence of  pro-palestinnian bias in the Swedish media and public debate.

Boström’s ”article” is so poorly written and unfounded that you could perhaps suspect that the anti-semitic slant is only a misunderstanding? It could have been – if Boström hadn’t (1)  been accused of anti-semitism on previous occasions; and (2) implicated American rabbis in a piece on Gaza. If a person does not wish to come across as anti-semitic, he will of course express himself better, or even apologise, after people have pointed out that his statements could be seen as anti-semitic.

There is no doubt that the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet had a mental meltdown when they published Boström’s ”article”. Even if Aftonbladet is responsible, every decent Swede should be ashamed, disgusted and outraged at this distortion of the freedom of the press. Swedes should also reflect upon the hurt felt by people in Israel, who may have lost a large part of their family to anti-semitism, when this disgusting drivel is not only ignored or tolerated but defended by some.

As the guilty parties have far too high opinions of themselves to ever apologise for their disgusting behaviour, we should apologise for them to show that it is just a case of a few rotten apples, who slept through their courses in journalism, if they ever attended.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence, education and decency should be deeply offended and concerned by such thinly veiled anti-semitic tendencies in the main stream media.

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3 Responses to Well, I am ashamed…

  1. Tore skriver:

    DUBBELMORAL och HYCKLERI att man pratar om pressfrihet när det gäller att sprida anti-Judiska skrönor, men är helt tyst när det gäller avstängning av Internetförbindelser i samband med Muhammedteckningarna.

  2. nivar skriver:

    What I can’t really understand (or maybe I do) is this: Why didn’t any of these families that suspect(ed) organ theft from their dead, have the body autopsied and the facts documented? There seems to be not even one single case of documented facts that supports these allegations, despite the fact that the bodies must have been available for such inquiries. How hard can it be to check if some specific organs are still there?

    Moreover, the specific case in Donald Boström’s article is, conveniently enough, too far away in time (in the beginning of the nineties) to make any such efforts fruitful at this time.

    Boström didn’t bother to ask these very important questions. Instead he connected these unfounded allegations with the New Jersey organ trafficking case to make them seem more plausible. His credibility as an objective journalist therefore suffers heavily, personally I am just dismissing him as just another swedish leftist journalist with an agenda.

    At the same time, I am not the least surprised that Aftonbladet published this crap, though it is unusually low even for their standards. They are, together with Expressen, known in Sweden as a morally challenged evening tabloid with very poor journalistic standards that would print about anything that is likely to sell more copies the next day. I can tell you they just *love* the attention they receive right now from Israel. It’s cash flow for them.

    With that said, I think the Swedish government and Carl Bildt are doing the right thing right now – no country can ask the Swedish government to break Swedish constitutional laws that protects freedom of speech, it just cannot be and it will not happen.

    The best thing Israel could do, even though they rightfully claim that they shouldn’t have to, is to bring the facts on the table and shove them down the throat of Aftonbladet.

    I’d just love to see that happen, because it would discredit Aftonbladet down to the bone. Isn’t that what Israel really wants, instead of some kind of silly ”condemnation” from Swedish gov that would light up all socialist tinfoil-hat conspiracy mongers like a christmas tree?

  3. andersonchris skriver:

    Well, politicians react to media coverage every day. I don’t think it’s too much to ask of a politician to state whether he agrees or disagrees with certain statements. The notion that politicians are somehow above anything that is written in the papers is certainly not a consistent principle, nor should it be.

    Boström does not present a single shread of evidence for his extreme accusations. Extraordinary allegations require extraordinary proof. Therefore it would be rather easy for anyone to denounce these allegations as completely unfounded.

    Anyway, I think Carl Bildt actually made it quite clear on his blog that he doesn’t agree with the contents of Boström’s article.

    I thought that was a very good move.


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