Yes He Can!

President-Elect Barack Obama

President-Elect Barack Obama

True democracy prevailed and Obama was elected president. Having been moved and captivated by almost every speech of his, it was impossible not to shed a tear of joy and relief when CNN called the election early to Barack Obama.

John McCain tried to redeem himself with an early, conciliatory concession. With this last action of his campaign, he did confirm the power of the voters and restored faith in the democratic system. Now he should devote homself to repairing the damage caused by the hate-mongering during the later stages of his campaign.

Obama’s African-American heritage was not a factor for me. Nonetheless, the tears of Colin Powell, Jesse Jackson and all other African-Americans who waited so long for true equality was incredibly moving. In that sense, and although it’s not meant to be, the election of Barack Obama is a profound offering of redemption.

The most satisfying thing is that Obama was elected, not because he is black, but because voters of any age, colour or gender thought that he would be the best president for everyone. They saw past colour and elected the better candidate.

Obama is a trailblazer in many respects. He hasn’t broken the barrier for minorities but he scaled it to the top. During his presidency, he has the opportunity to dismantle this barrier so that future elections won’t be about the race or gender of candidates, only their character and policies.

Obama is facing one of the toughest presidencies in modern times. He probably won’t be able to work miracles for everyone but it is immensely comforting to know that there will be a good force driving the United States and the World. Obama will do whatever he can to promote freedom, justice and equality.

By winning this election, he saved us from one of the darkest paths in human history. He will set the World on a new and brighter path. There is every reason to say thanks today.

P.S. I also look forward to Joe Biden taking the muzzle off. He is amazing at telling it as it is. Sometimes, he is too far ahead of the auditorium, which causes people to think that he is gaffing. But he is not. He will make a remarkable Vice President. He will also provide good material for the late night comedy shows, but it won’t be frightening stuff like it has been for the last 8 years.



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