Vision of the Future

A Vision of the 5th of November

A Vision of the 5th of November

It’s the last 24 hours before the polls start closing on the most exciting event of the year and a defining moment for the future.

The best thing at this stage is that there have been no last minute upsets to turn the game upside down. As the temperature rises in the last few days, people tend to overreact, so the absence of scandal means that the election hopefully will be decided on the issues and the performance of each campaign.

There is one silent scandal, though. Sarah Palin promised to disclose her medical history but failed to do so. It’s not widely reported (because it’s something that didn’t happen). However, if there’s nothing to hide, then her campaign would surely prefer to release her medical records, rather than make her a promise breaker – a bad thing when running for office. I guess people will just have to make up their own minds on what could be in her medical records. There is no shortage of clues.

Looking at the last rallies, Obama seems a little tired and tense while McCain looks a little more relaxed than he has been. This is quite natural as McCain, the underdog, has nothing to lose at this point while Obama, the leader, could lose everything at a slip. Until yesterday, McCain was the candidate who was flagging most visibly.

One guy who made my day yesterday was this man, Cupcake. A self-confessed redneck with rebel tattoos, he pulled for Obama outside a McCain rally. His reasoning for supporting Obama is crystal clear as is his sadness for his less open minded friends. This guy really gets it.

Another thing that lifted my spirits, although not quite as much as Cupcake, was the endorsement of Obama by Ronald Reagan’s son Ron Reagan.

I do hope that both Obama and McCain will get some sleep for tomorrow and that our nerves and minds will hold up.

Obama/Biden 08

FiveThirtyEight now has an Obama victory at 98.1%. SvD



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