Weird Stuff?

The U.S. Election is drawing even closer and Obama is still ahead in the polls.

Personally, I really hope that Obama wins – for many reasons. First of all, I always think that the better man should win and Obama’s campaign is by far the better and more constructive. Second, I believe that the whole World could benefit from a new type of intelligent and inclusive leadership. In these days of doom and gloom, a little optimism will go a long way.

At the same time, John McCain says that he is exactly where he wants to be and that he will win (CNN). Apparently, he has information that shows that he is doing better than the opinion polls will have us believe.

Now, I have nothing against John McCain; he seems to be man of honour and integrity, of which there are too few. He has a few things going against him, though; mainly age and a terrifying running mate. (Who knows what personal scores Sarah and her dude would settle if they get into the Oval Office?) Also, McCain is not Obama at a time when Obama seems to be the medicine we all need.

One thing makes me really worried, though. Election fraud. I think it’s fair to say that certain ”irregularities” contributed to the outcomes of the two previous elections. Some weird stuff happened in Florida in 2000; and even more and weirder stuff happened in Ohio in 2004.

I do hope that McCain’s certainty of victory is due only to his famous fightning spirit and not any premonition of yet more weird stuff at the polling stations.


2 Responses to Weird Stuff?

  1. Calvin skriver:

    It seems to me that if voter fraud decides the election, Obama is assured a victory.

  2. andersonchris skriver:

    I hope there will be no fraud either way as it defeats the purpose of democracy.

    If there should be serious cause to challenge part of the election for the third time in a row, then the faith in the system could be seriously damaged.


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