What about Palin?

Very few people are indifferent to Sarah Palin. She seems to inspire adulation and skepticism in almost equal measures – although, the skepticism seems to be stronger these days.

It seems fairly evident that she is not ready to be Vice President – or President, should something happen. Once this is established, I think it would be better to leave her alone rather than keep on criticising her for the same thing.

Essentially, it is not her fault. Most of us are supremely unfit to be VP or President of the United States. That is why we are not nominated and why she should not have been nominated. The fault lies mainly with John McCain, who approved her nomination. It was essentially a populistic choice, designed to give McCain’s campaign some flair and buzz – and possibly to attract some Hillary supporters.

Sarah Palin is just being herself, trying to work that charm of ordinary that got her elected in Alaska. It might have worked any other year, but this time the American voters seem intent on electing a politician of substance, not a beer buddy.

Sarah Palin probably should have been more daunted by the task and prepared more. But if that is not her way and if she does not have it in her, then that is what the voters must pass judgment on. The ultimate verdict will be on John McCain, which is fair. After all, he is the guy who said she could be President.



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